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Crimania Games is a game development and publishing business located in Independence, Missouri.  Crimania Games is headed by Matt and Ginnie Crimmins.  Matt has been designing games for as long as he has been playing them.  As a kid, his Lego creations were accompanied by a complex set of rules in a spiral notebook detailing armor point values and speed, and his G.I. Joes couldn't defeat Cobra without a dice roll.  Ginnie is the motivating drive behind Crimania inspiring Matt to bring his game designs and ideas to life.  Ginnie brings considerable logistics and management skills to bear in making Crimania Games a force in the gaming field. 


Together, through Crimania Games, Matt and Ginnie have developed Buried Secrets at the Cabin, a murder mystery game, and the upcoming tabletop games The 13th Street Crew and The Associates.  

 At Crimania Games, we believe that life is too short to be about business all the time.  Our goal is to make life a little more interesting and hope our games can bring as much fun and excitement to your family as it has to ours! 

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