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Buried Secrets At The Cabin

A Murder Mystery Game

© 2021 Crimania LLC


. . . five college friends rented a remote cabin in the woods over a chilly winter weekend.  Something happened that weekend . . . something that ended their friendship and caused them to not speak to each other in ten years.  


This year, out of the blue, on close to the ten-year anniversary of that trip a decade ago, one of the original group placed calls to the others and has invited everyone back to the cabin.  Whatever he said must have been persuasive as everyone has agreed to return to the cabin this weekend.


Now, the original group, along with some additional friends and acquaintances, have arrived at the cabin.  The trees of the surrounding forest casts lengthening shadows over the group in the dimming light of the setting sun.  Snow has begun to fall, and a bitter wind whips around the group as they park their cars in a clearing and unpack their bags.


You shiver, and not only because of the cold.  There is something about the cabin, and the group assembled here, that feels… off.  You have an uneasy feeling.  Looking around, you sense odd tensions in the group.  Others exchange glances with hidden meaning.  This looks like it is going to be a long weekend.


Each of the group visiting the cabin this weekend has their own personal agenda.  Most are also hiding secrets they are desperate to keep hidden.  A few will find themselves secretly working together.  One will end up dead.


Buried Secrets At The Cabin is a murder mystery game designed to be played virtually or in person.  Each player has a unique character arc over the course of the mystery, their own goals, their own secrets.  Do you have what it takes to navigate this dangerous weekend?  Can you figure out the secrets this cabin holds?  Can you solve . . . the murder ?

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