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The Associates is a two to six player strategy game where you and your fellow players are junior lawyers struggling to survive your employment at a large law firm.  You are your fellow associates will compete to generate the most billable hours for the firm, while juggling the competing interests of different partners and their demands on your time.


Can you outsmart and outmaneuver your fellow associates to generate the most billable hours?  Can you successfully navigate your way at this treacherous law firm and stay one step ahead of being fired?

Object of the Game:

The Associates is a push-your-luck strategy game.  Associates will need to take on projects from the partners in order to generate billable hours for the firm.  The more projects you are working on, the more hours you can bill, but your time and resources are limited.  Have you taken on enough projects to compete with your fellow associates?  Or have you taken on too much to handle?  Failing to take on projects from the partners, or failing to complete projects you have taken, upsets the partners.  Upset them enough, and you become blacklisted by the partner and your projects get reassigned.  Upset them all... and you're fired! 

The object of the game is to become the first associate to bill 500 billable hours without being fired, or the last associate standing after everyone else has been fired. 


Billable Hour Tracker (board tracking the billable hours generated by the associates)

Resource Cards (36) (including Case Research, Treatise Research, Argument Outlines, Witness Outlines, Document Review and Caffeine)

Partner Boards (4) (including The Litigator, The Trial Lawyer, The Appellate Lawyer, and The Professor)

Partner Project markers (80) (twenty projects each partner assigns the associates)

Associate Tokens (30) (5 tokens in 6 colors)


30-60 minutes

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