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Buried Secrets At The Cabin –     A Murder Mystery - 9 Player

Buried Secrets At The Cabin – A Murder Mystery - 9 Player

SKU: BuriedSecrets9

Play Buried Secrets At The Cabin with nine of your friends. This murder mystery game is designed to be played on any online platform, including Zoom and Microsoft Teams, or the game can also be played in person.  Your purchase includes 9 character packets with extensive backstories, character ideas, and a personalized narrative to play out during the mystery. Your purchase also includes a host packet, game instructions, player and character lists, a map of the cabin, and a link to download video clips that will narrate the game.


Need more characters? Look at the 12 player version.

  • File Format

    After purchase you will receive a download to a zip file that contains everything you need to host this game. 

  • Number of Players

    This game is best played with 9 players. However, if you lose people on game day or cannot find 9 players, it can be played with as few as 6 players. Instructions are provided on how to modify the game. 

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