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The 13th Street Crew -Kickstarter

The 13th Street Crew -Kickstarter


The 13th Street Crew is a three to five player game of criminal strategy. You and your fellow players are low-ranking members of a large criminal organization headed by the Old Don that for all intents and purposes runs this fair city. You and your fellow crew members occupy the lowest rung in the organization. Most of you are ambitious and eager to prove you are good earners that deserve to advance. One of you … may have decided to instead work against the organization.


Over the course of the game, you and your fellow crew members will work to complete various jobs for the organization with the goal of proving you are the best earner. To do this, you will often need to work with the other members of your crew. However, be warned – one of you might be a police informant, and none of you can be trusted!

Expected to ship summer 2024
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